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4 Scalable E-Commerce Platforms to Consider Other than Magento and Shopify Plus

At times, you might be facing budgetary constraints. The financial problem is not a preserve for small businesses. Even the large ones experience financial grips from time to time. As a large-scale retailer, you might be in such a situation. You want to move your business to a scalable e-commerce platform, but your budgets are not supporting your ambitions. Checking on the popular platforms set for your business size, raising the required monthly fee is a big setback.


Now, you are wondering whether you can find other enterprise e-commerce platforms that will offer you the same features as a Shopify Plus and Magento. You turn to your online consultants. However, they are not providing any helpful advice. Also, you have been browsing the web trying to land a resource or a guideline on this issue. If this is you, you do not need to search any longer. This article presents an analysis of 4 other scalable e-commerce platforms that you can consider apart from Magento and Shopify Plus. Here they are:


ATG Web Commerce

IBM WebSphere

Certainly, you have heard about IBM. It is a leading software provider. To enable large-scale retailers to move their businesses to the virtual world, IBM built an enterprise ecommerce solution known as IBM WebSphere. This platform comes with four plans that you can choose from as a large retailer. The first one is the Commerce Cloud. This plan is for retailers with a desire to reach out to customers within a short duration. Since it is in the cloud, you can affirm that it is scalable and can enable your customers to access your online store quickly regardless of their locality in the globe.

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The second plan is the WebSphere Commerce Express. If you are planning to digitize your mid-size company, this is your perfect match. Next plan is known as WebSphere Commerce Enterprise. This plan is for enterprises operating a variety of online stores. It comes with advanced features and tools to help you manage your sales across the online stores. Lastly, WebSphere Commerce offers the professional edition. This package is for mid-sized businesses with a desire to harness cross-channel customer interactions.    



If you are looking for a modernized scalable enterprise e-commerce platform, Intershop is the best choice. The platform has the trending features to harness and modernize your online large retail enterprise. These features include merchandise functionalities, omnichannel marketing, product information management, and analytical tools among others.

Also, Intershop has robust organizational features that enable you to manage your sales channels and subsidiaries at a centralized point. The platform offers you three packages namely; managed, cloud, and enterprise. As such, you cannot miss a good suit for your business needs.

In a word, if Shopify Plus and Magento the leading scalable enterprise e-commerce platforms are beyond your budgets, you can consider one of these options.   

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